monoGIS - this is a LGPL project for a complete GIS solution build in mono, that integrates NTS code!

SharpMap - this is an LGPL library that allows for great maps to be generated from several different GIS data sources, requires .Net 2.0, but well worth it.

Net Topology Suite Data Provider for SharpMap - this plugin enables the full power of the NetTopologySuite from SharpMap: any coder could integrate advanced topology functions provided by NTS with SharpMap rendering functions, easily.

JTS Topology Suite - this is the home page for the java library of which NetTopologySuite is a direct port.

iGeospatial - this is another GIS library fr .NET platform: the project has started as a port of JTS Topology Suite, but the project is to be expanded with custom functionalities.

TerraNova SIT - a GIS focused company in Italy that realizes GIS software and services; This is where Diego makes his money to pay the rent.

FreeGIS - a directory of Free and Open resources for GIS users and developers. A great place to get started.