Q: What kind of name is NTS?

A: It isn't. NTS is an abbreviation for NetTopologySuite (no spaces between words!). NTS is just faster to type.

Q: Why did you write NTS?

A: The world is a little better after the release of NTS... We hope that NetTopologySuite helps some folks to simplify their work. Period.

Q: For bug reports, suggestions or improvements, How can I contact the NTS team?

A. The NTS team is currently two people, Diego Guidi and Andrew Theken, any and all questions can be forwarded to diegoguidiNOSPAM@gmail.com (delete NOSPAM for a valid email address). We're happy to hear from everyone about experiences using NTS, and we absolutely want to hear about any bugs you have identified.

Q: NetTopologySuite is a useful library. Is it used in many projects?

A: We're glad NTS is useful for you! We don't have a list of all projects that uses NetTopologySuite, but we see email requesting support, so people must be using it... The main project using NTS is monoGIS (see the Links section).

Q: Is NTS supported in any way?

A: The only support offered by the NTS project is to create the .NET code needed to create feature parity with JTS. Diego is working to add this functionality to NTS. If you find a bug, please send Diego the report and he will try to fix it immediately. We are not able to guarantee any fix or addition in a limited amount of time, because NetTopologySuite is developed in free time. You can always volunteer, or send patches!

Q: Is CVS available?

A: Yes. GotDotNet is available as a source control system, accessible with HTML interface directly from your browser. Alternatively you could download a Visual Studio PlugIn that enables more functionality.

Q: NetTopologySuite is great! I've used the lib for my $1,000,000 project, and now i would donate some dollars to you, is this possible?

A: Yes it's possible :) You could donate a small amount of money with the SourceForge donation system: We'll accept only small amounts ($10-$20) for maintaining Java Topology Suite code and NetTopologySuite synchronization code. Thanks :)

Q: Your English is great! Compliments...

A: Sorry but I'm an Italian guy; in all my years of school I've learned only French, and my English teacher is a bad guy... I've learned the Albion's language with my Amiga and Monkey Island!!! So, sorry... ;) (The other guy working on this project is Andrew Theken, and he edits some stuff for Diego).