These pages are no longer being maintained! For any news about NTS and for binary and code releases, please take a look at NTS pages at Google code. Have fun with NTS ;) Diego Guidi NetTopologySuite is a C#/.NET port of JTS Topology Suite, a Java library for GIS operations, (OpenGIS compliant). The main goal of this project is to have a .NET GIS solution that is fast and reliable for any kind of .NET platform, PocketPC and Sql Server 2005 (through CLR integration) included. The project also includes some parts of another .NET library SharpMap, that integrates the capabilities of read/write data from and to file formats such as Shapefile format, coordinate transformations and projections, and much more. NetTopologySuite, which is also hosted at GotDotNet, is intended as a direct-port of all the functionalities offered by JTS Topology Suite API: the main goal of the project is simply to expose JTS API in a ".NET way" (as example using Properties, Indexers, etc.), but not to add new functionality (for the moment...).